Top 5 Weekend Getaways On The Island

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Thankfully, weekends are there to liberate us from our stressful weekdays. We’ve compiled a list of perfect getaways on the Island and MAXGo can help you get to these places safe and fast.


411 Bars & Restaurant

This weekend marks the return of the English Premier League and football fans will be relishing the opportunity to sit back and enjoy their favorite teams play the beautiful game. Consider viewing the EPL games at 411 Bars & Restaurant. The Bar provides the perfect ambiance¬†for football lovers. In case your team gets defeated, it wouldn’t be all bad because you’d still be in one of the coolest bars in the city, so you really can’t lose.

Address: 14 Adeola Hopewell Street, Victoria Island.


Wave ‘UR’ Banner Football Carnival

Just before the craziness of the EPL season starts, you can get in on the action by joining the Wave ‘UR’ banner Football Carnival. A little rendezvous with fellow sports fans at The Lekki Coliseum might just be the best way to kick off your weekend.

Get Your Smoothie Game on at Vancos Place

By now you must have figured that we love smoothies, and we can’t help ourselves from enjoying a cup of our favorite juice from time to time. If like us, you occasionally have the craving for a brain freeze, then Vanco smoothies might be the perfect place for you this weekend. The good people at Vancos Place have some of the best juice bars anywhere in the city while also providing the perfect place to chill and enjoy a cold drink.

Address: Abdulrahman Okene Close by Royal Exchange office, off Ligali Ayorinde Victoria Island.


Treat Yourself To Casper & Gambini

With arguably one of the best barbeque chicken in Lagos, Casper & Gambini immediately stands out. The menu doesn’t disappoint either and if you want to give yourself a treat this weekend then Casper & Gambini is the place to be.

Address: 3 Agoro Odiyan St, Victoria Island, Lagos.


Wrap up the Weekend with a Sing Along.

If like us you’re also a Grammy winning singer in the showers and you just want to belt out those high notes this weekend, there is no better place to unleash your emotions than Ntyce Karaoke Bar & Restaurant. It’s one of the more interesting Karaoke bars in the city and you’re sure to have a lot of laughs and fun.

Address: 1310 Karimu Kotun St, Victoria Island, Lagos.






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