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Top 5 Places to get some delicious treats for the Weekend

Hello everyone! Happy weekend!
Since Monday we’ve been anticipating this day; where we get to sit back and finally catch up on Suits season 6. Don’t say it! I know, so behind! But it’s been a busy time for us with the re-launch of and the official launch of the blog space. We happened to see some spoilers on twitter and figured it’s about time we caught up. Seeing as it’s about to be a lazy weekend, we decided to lend a hand by helping you decide what to order while you relax and watch your favorite show/read your favorite book. Check out our weekend picks below for some truly inspired cuisine available for delivery.

Bukka Hut

Are you’re looking for some of your favorite Nigerian meals prepared bukka style but in a well-maintained environment? Bukka Hut is your spot. They offer a great selection of swallows, soups and protein. For example, the pounded yam with efo-riro, fried croacker fish, topping it off with malt. What’s not to love there. They also offer soups in bulk. So if you feel like you might need some for the next day, they’ve got that covered. For breakfast, they offer a more traditional menu which includes: pap/eko, akara and yam which you don’t see very often. They are open from 9am to 9pm daily and have locations in Gbagada, Lekki, Ikota and Ikoyi.

The Place

There’s just something special about the place that keeps you going back for more. Their menu in general is a mix of English and Nigerian meals. They’ve got a different offering for breakfast which includes pancakes, English breakfast and cappuccino. So if you wake up craving a more English type of breakfast, now you know where to look. For their main dishes they’ve got foods like noodles, ofada rice, yam porridge (which I actually quite enjoy), grilled fish and chips and jambolaya rice. Are you looking for a bit of diversity in your dishes? The place’s got that covered. They’ve got locations all around town: Ikeja, Lekki, Circle Mall, V.I, Alausa and Maryland Mall. Hours of operation for all is 7AM-midnight except Maryland Mall which is 7AM-10PM. So they open really early and close late.

O1 Shawarma

One interesting thing about Lagosians is that we love shawarma! It’s lunch time and you’re hungry for something nice and filling. You can have your shawarma delivered to you. The menu is quite simple. Select the protein (beef, chicken, hotdog) made with their special flavouring and it’s rolled in a toasted Lebanese flat bread with vegetables, spices and sauce. It’s fast, filling and very enjoyable. They have 8 locations on the Mainland and 3 locations on the island. So no-one misses out.


Vegetarian gang, we’ve got you! Wrapcity offers an all-day breakfast wrap with a meat and meatless option. Also offered is a breakfast pot of banana, muesli, honey and natural yoghurt and good smoothie selection. For anyone looking for something shawarma — like but less heavy and with a healthy spin on it, Wrapcity’s got it! Not only is there a vegetarian option for breakfast, they’ve also got a few on the lunch menu. P.S. Did you know their in house chef won Knorr Nigeria contest? Proof that the food is that good. So what are you waiting for? Call to place your order and it will be delivered right to your door! They are located in Lekki and V.I and are open from 8AM-8PM on weekdays and on Saturdays from 11AM-8PM.


Snack time! Suya time! Like suya and garri though… Suyatimes’ got it! Offering a range of selection: beef, chicken, gizzard, sausage, kidney, masa, tozo, liver, saki, what else do you really need for a good time (actually, that wine bottle!). They are open from 4pm till midnight. So prime time for suya and chill! Unfortunately, they’ve only got one location which is in Lekki Phase 1.
With cravings satisfied, we can now go on ahead to binge watch Suits in our comfy clothes with pillows, blankets and cellphone in hand (in case of that Snapchat/Instagram story worthy moment). Order on the site and we’ll bring the food. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

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