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What’s not to like about smoothies?
They are refreshing, come in all sorts of exciting flavors and are a delight to the eyes.
On my way to work today, I decided it was about time I tried something from the well-known SmoothieExpress. It’s easily accessible to me as it’s located pretty close to my home. Seems like everyone’s ordering from this place and I wanted to feel “among.”
On my way there, I got lost AS ALWAYS, but this time it wasn’t really my fault, the address provided was incomplete. I asked around a couple of times and no one was able to help me which I found odd. Actually, they all just gave me weird looks… so I think it was me and not the address that confused them.
Finally, I made my way through the gate after some serious grilling by the guard and was told immediately that they run on a delivery basis. Orders can be placed over the phone or via their website and MAX delivers to your door.

I scanned through the menu briefly, making notes of all the ingredients used. The prices are great and affordable. Only 800 Naira (on average) for a 600mL cup of smoothie doesn’t sound too atrocious.
They have a pretty extensive Smoothie menu offering a wide range of weight loss and fitness smoothies, in addition to their regular blend smoothies. Figured I’d save the fitness smoothies for after my yoga class later this evening. I settled on the perfect green smoothie which contains pineapple, apple, banana, honey, yogurt and fluted pumpkin (Ugwu).

This is a first for me, as I’ve never tried Ugwu in my smoothie before, but I have heard good things about it.

At the first sip I was still a bit unsure but once I got further in I started to really enjoy it. I have a soft spot for green smoothies, and this is one I’d definitely try again. Though I’d have to ask if they can make it “half-sweet” for me. But otherwise I loved it.
To top it off, all you have to do is give them a call or place an order via their website and MAX champions will have it delivered to your door within 30mins.

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