MAXGo, The Prince Charming Set To End Lagosians’ Relationship With Traffic

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By now you must have heard of MAXGo. If you haven’t, we have two questions for you.

1  – What rock have you been hiding under?

2 – Can you imagine Lagos without traffic?

I know what you’re thinking, Lagos without traffic is impossible. Besides, the relationship between Lagos and traffic is like those abusive relationships you just know is never going to end.

However, you don’t want have to suffer as a result of Lagos and its toxic relationship with traffic, and just like prince charming (Not Yoruba demon), MAXGo is here to treat Lagos right.

MAXGo, which is a first of its kind on-demand motorcycle transportation service officially launched last weekend. First users of the MAXGo app had the opportunity to enjoy free rides from Unilag to Ozone Cinemas on Saturday and Sunday.

We also had our MAXGo experience team interfacing with users.

My God…what a fantastic experience.. I got so many peoples attention on the who is this fine girl on a fine bike..the helmet,  and the way the system practically different from okada..I felt like a superstar.. I think I want to ride again and again  – Rochelle

That was from Rochelle (nice name) who was one of the first users who got to enjoy a ride from Ozone cinemas to Ikoyi and back, all under 30 minutes.

We also had other users talk about their experiences and even got our riders (champions) to take part in an epic DAB contest.

It was a great experience as we had our team mingle and get first-hand opinions from users.


We all had a good laugh last week as we conversed about Lagos traffic stories, Now MaxGo is changing the game. You don’t have to spend your whole day in traffic anymore, you don’t have to hate living on the mainland because you work on the island, you don’t have to hate Lagos anymore.

MAXGo is changing the lives of Lagosians one ride at a time.

So while we admit that it’s been fun to sometimes watch Lagos and its long-standing Bae (traffic) enjoy their anti-romantic relationship. MAXGo has finally decided to do something about it, just because we hate abusive relationships.


MAXGo is currently available on Google play store and is set to be available for all iOS users in the coming weeks. Sing up for MAXGo today at


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