MAXGo Now Accepts Cash Payments!

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Using MAXGo just got way easier.

While we have had a bunch of people who have enjoyed using the MAXGo app (see testimonials), we have also had a couple of people who have expressed the need for us to offer a cash payment option.

We have listened to your feedback, and we have acted accordingly. You can now book a ride and pay with cash! So you don’t necessarily¬†need to have money in your account to book a ride as long as you have cash on you.

While we have had a lot of rides which were done with cashless transactions, we observed the need to make the service even more accessible. We know a lot of people often find the task of entering their card details Herculean, and if there’s something we hate at MAX, it’s Herculean. We have continually strived to make the lives of our users easier, whilst also making our services super easy to use.

So now you don’t have an excuse, visit today to get the app. Remember you get a 100 NGN bonus on sign up and 200 NGN per referral.

The good news doesn’t stop there, starting tomorrow, 19th of July to Friday, 21st of July, MAXGo will be offering free rides within the Unilag campus. Yeah, I know, we’re awesome like that!

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