Why Being A MAX Partner Is The Best Investment In 2017

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2017 has seen plenty changes in economic climate. By now an average man knows the meaning of the word recession. A word which might have been lost in our vocabulary is now being thrown around casually and that is just the start.

Since the turn of the Year, Nigeria’s economy has come to be defined by recession and devaluation, pressing home the point that Nigeria’s growth and exchange rate stability in the last 14 years had been entirely dependent on favorable global commodity cycles. Both the recession and devaluation have resulted from the foreign exchange shortage which was inflicted by the collapse in Nigeria’s annual exports. Since that time, receipts have fallen from about $100 billion in 2014 to less than $50 billion due to the falling oil prices. In lay man’s terms, our economy became a mess.

While some hopefuls claim the tides are set to change, the only way to truly secure a financial future is through some form of investment. Enter MAX partnership!

With MAX partnership your asset or financial investment is set to ensure a future of financial freedom. These two plans are flexible, effective and most importantly, Lucrative.

Financial Investment:

For the financial investment, you invest not more than NGN 450,000 and earn a compounded interest of 25% over a period of 2 years that amounts to a total of NGN 704,000 within the said period. This sum will be broken down to N29,300 monthly. Here you can just kick back and watch your investment yield dividends without any worries.

Asset Investment:

This might be a more appealing prospect to people that already own a motorcycle. Here, instead of a financial investment, you can simply invest your motorcycle as well as Helmets, mobile phones, raincoats and boots for the riders. This is a more hands-on investment. You are fully invested in the day to day operations of the motorcycle and will incur the routine costs associated with the motorcycles. With this plan, you earn up to 75% of the revenue generated from your investment (motorcycle).

These two investment plans greatly surpass the 16% ROI offered by even the most “generous” banking institutions.


Since the inception of MAX in 2015, expectations have been greatly surpassed. Starting from a small company with one dispatch rider and a hand full of staff, MAX has grown to a logistics power-house with over 100 riders and 50 staff. With thousands of deliveries monthly for more than 50 logistics partner including Konga, Jumia, Road chef & Cafe Neo, MAX has firmly positioned itself as leaders in last-mile logistics and transportation.

In 2015, a $1 million dollar funding was secured while this year has seen MAX emerge as the only West African startup at the 43North International startup competition amongst others.

It doesn’t end there, the new MAXGo app, which is a first of its kind motorcycle hailing app is currently changing how people commute in Lagos.

MAX is on a mission to transform the last mile Logistics & transportation, despite the obvious challenges. Choosing any of these investment plans not only offers you financial freedom during a trying economic period but also offers you a chance to be part of something which is truly remarkable.

With turbulent economic times on the horizon, there is no better time to invest and watch your investment reap dividends.

For more information, https://docsend.com/view/3yajsfp

If you’re interested in any of our investment plans, visit Max.ng/partners

Remember you no longer have to worry about a traffic with MAX Go, download the App today and get a first ride free.

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