Creating Over 500 Jobs In 2017 Despite May Day Gloom

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The Unemployment Problem

May Day, the International Worker’s Day is celebrated every year on the 1st of May. To commemorate this, is working to create over 500+ jobs in 2017. Usually, countries recognize the working populace through flowered speeches and parades. In Nigeria, we can usually expect a presidential broadcast from Aso Rock in the early hours and a free day to go out with the family/friends.

Many Nigerians are oblivious to the worsening unemployment crisis.  Nigerians have not noticed that there are fewer and fewer people who qualify as workers. Now, allow me to qualify the term;

Worker (ˈwəːkə/) noun;  a person who works, in particular: a person who is engaged to perform work under a contract of service in exchange for compensation.

Last year the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) announced that Nigeria’s unemployment rate had risen from 13.3% in the 2nd quarter to 13.9% in the 3rd quarter of 2016. According to them, in the 3rd quarter of 2016, “782,886 people in the economically active population entered the labor force” meanwhile the total number of people in full-time employment decreased by 272,499 persons. The simple translation is this; there are fewer jobs for more people. This is a ‘mayday’ distress call if there ever was one.

Despite this, Nigerians, being the industrious hustlers we are, are always looking for alternate sources of income; even those with jobs. For example, bankers who are also bakers, students selling fashion items from the trunk of their car or traveling bag, young people selling cooked noodles on street corners and let’s not forget the infamous pyramid money schemes. Sometimes, this is not enough. is playing a part to help solve the employment problem in Nigeria today by providing jobs.

The MAX Solution

The mission of is to solve Africa’s logistics problems using mobile and web technology. Beyond that though, we are also working to empower hundreds of Nigerians with jobs and ‘side hustle’. How you ask? It’s simple; the MAX Champion Program. We are currently recruiting and will continue recruiting riders to provide delivery services to our customers. Riders will get to join the MAX team whether or not they own a motorcycle

Riders who do not own a motorcycle have the option of getting one through us using hire-purchase if they choose. They can make as much as N100,000/month depending on how many deliveries they accept and execute successfully daily. “With our operations and technology systems in place, riders can track and measure their achievements while our marketing team ensures delivery requests keep coming in.” said Lanre Sonola,’s VP, Marketing.

Where You Come In

We have even got a new service, MAXGo, which is coming soon and will provide even more work for more riders. Anyone can qualify to join the Champion Program. You can find out the requirements here. No fees are required from you at any point.

For Nigerians who would like to invest, there is something for you too. Simply put your motorcycle on the network and will pay you a percentage of the profits every month. You could also pay to procure the motorcycle for you if you wish. Not only will you be making money, your investment will equip one rider to also make money. Getting started is also very easy; just complete this online form and we will contact you to get you up and running.

For every job that’s created, a family is fed, a Nigerian is empowered, the unemployment percentage drops. Help us achieve this by becoming a Champion or a Partner. Which would you like to be?

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