#KnowYourCity: Liberation Statue Of Fela

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As part of the monuments commissioned in celebration of Lagos 50th anniversary, Sobayo Abolore crafted this masterpiece in respect of the Afrobeat Icon.

Fela who died on August 2nd, 1997 is often considered as one of the greatest African artistes of his generation and a monument like this is only befitting of the legend. With classic tunes that still live on years after Fela has passed on, it was surely deserved to immortalise the legend with an equally iconic statue.

The statue which is surprisingly the first of Fela is themed Liberation by creator Sobayo Abolore. Sobayo who is a graduate of Yaba College of Technology and an alumnus of Harvard spoke about his inspiration behind the art.

“I believe they are 3 things that make a man, his ideology, his actions and his words. These are the things people remember about Fela”.


The marble finishing on this beautiful artwork makes it a sight to behold. The accompanying tombstones further add to the beauty making the aura of this piece as iconic as the man it was modeled after.

With various places in the city spotting beautiful monuments such as these, Lagos is surely becoming an interesting city to tour around. Take a tour around the city with MAXGo and check out the beautiful Liberation stature of Fela.

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