Know Your City – The Paintings Of Polly Alakija

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As part of expressing our shared love for Lagos city, we are introducing #knowyourcityseries where we will be highlighting your favorite places and monuments.

To kick off the series, we will be looking at the beautiful paintings of the British-Nigerian painter – Polly Alakija. British by birth and Nigerian by marriage, Polly is the mind behind the unique artwork spotted at Falomo bridge. The paintings of 50 women on 50 pillars were inspired by the Lagos 50th anniversary.

The “pillars of strength” are a representation of the strength of the city. When asked why she decided to depict women, she said

“You know if you think about women and what they are in the society; they are very often the unsung heroes. They are strong. You know there is this expression: ‘she is a pillar of strength.’ So that’s what these pillars are: these are my pillars of strength, celebrating women of Lagos in a very soft, gentle way. Some people would come and say: who are the 50 most important women in Lagos? No, that’s not what it is about. The concept is womanhood: whom they are in the home, in the city, in the society. That’s what the context is all about.”

The consistent color palette of the artwork and the way they accentuate the beauty of the bridge is a joy to behold. We can’t get enough of the Falomo bridge paintings.  If you’ve not seen the paintings, we recommend you take a MAXGo ride to Falomo bridge to get a first-hand experience of these beauties.

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