Jean on the Scene: Top Denim Trends

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If you’re like me and your style is constantly changing, evolving and sometimes confused, or you’re that cool chick in town that constantly turns heads in both the good and awkward ways, then I have an experiment for you. Disclaimer!! If you’re that cool chick, please come find me I think we should be friends!
Here’s the experiment: 5 on-trend denim days
How does it work? Pick 5 days of the week or the month to wear different styles of denim and get creative with it. I will be sharing my results with you and would love for you to share yours as well. Now sit back, enjoy and don’t judge too hard. I’m just a fashion enthusiast.

Cropped and Flared: One piece of denim to add to your wardrobe this season is a pair of cropped flare jeans. Dress it up with a blazer or tone it down with a simple sweater, and if you live in a warm country try it out with a classic tee. For shoes, go ahead, pair them with sneakers or a pair of booties.
Tailored pieces like blazers, button-down shirts balance out the casual look of the denim. Now the great thing about the cropped and flared, more specifically — the high-waist cropped flare is that it almost always looks good. The pants are constructed to show off the ankles, making the look more than just the bum and thighs. If you’re like me and find it hard to shop for denim, I suggest trying a few different pairs till you find your magic fit.

Vintage Mom Jeans: This is one of those trends that has gained popularity over the past couple of years. Levi’s 501’s giving you that 90’s look quickly became the trend. Many denim brands have gone ahead and created their own version of the trend which means you can either go into your ma’s closet to “borrow” hers or you can go out and purchase yours.
Now one can easily confuse the mom jean for the boyfriend jean but, the difference is in the waistline. For the mom jean, it tends to sit just below the waistline and the legs are slightly tapered giving it a more flattering look. Again, it’s one of those you can dress up with a blazer or dress down pairing it with a crop-top or a classic tee. Finish the look up with a pair of booties or your favorite Adidas superstars.

Embroidered Denim: If flares aren’t your go to 70’s look, you can opt for artisanal embroidered options. Denim is being transformed and I have to say, this has to be my favorite trend so far. The overall theme is creativity. For Gucci it’s floral with colorful handiwork and for Red Valentino it’s the subtle studding.
It’s nice to have some personality in your jeans; from the hand-me-downs, old vintage levis, to the Etsy or eBay vintage finds. And now comes the personal denim customization of back pockets, buttonhole and the likes. With embroidered denim comes cool themes such as the moto, astrology-inspired looks. So for those looking for a way to spice up their denim closet, I say grab an old pair and give it a bit of an upgrade. Happy DIY!

Raw edge jean: A go to weekend relaxed off duty look has been taken to a new level. Now casual and cool can be done with so much ease. According to the latest trend, hemlines are currently “dead.” Although I consider Marques Almeida king when it comes to unfinished/raw hems, frayed styles have been a part of J Brand’s collection for a while now and is offered every season in multiple washes. It’s now gone mass and we see it at Stella McCartney, Topshop, Zara and the likes.

Mini denim skirt: The denim mini-skirts are back in style. Remember those skirts you saw in your mum’s old high school/college photos, yup! They are back, but not in the same way they once wore them. Refined is the go to look and all you have to do is add in pieces that will easily elevate the casual style. Simply done by: — tucking your shirt in and/or layering with a jacket/blazer. — wear low-heeled shoes or flats and voila! You are all styled and ready to go.
Now with all that being said, you can also mix trends. Take your mini denim skirt and add some embroidering, or take your flared denim and fray the ends. That’s the beauty of style, there’s no right or wrong way.
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