Everything You Need To Know About MAXGo

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We’ve put together answers to the most frequently asked questions about MAXGo.

What is MAXGo?

MAXGo is an on-demand ride hailing app, that allows users request a professionally driven motorcycle to get them around the city.

What is a Referral Code?

A referral code is a unique code given to all users upon sign up.
When you share your referral code with others, they get a free trip.
On completing their first trip, you get your next trip free (note: terms and conditions apply)


How do i know if a referred person has taken his first free ride?

Once a referred person takes his first trip, you will get an email notifying you. 


Will I be billed for Cancelling a trip?

NO. All cancellations are completely free with MAXGo.


Who is a Champion?

Champion is the term we use to refer to our Motorcycle Riders. MAXGo Champions are NOT just randomly selected bike riders. These are trained and experienced riders who go through rigorous and intensive training programmes before they are selected as Champions.  


How can i identify my rider on arrival?

The plate number of the rider will be displayed on the app as soon as the Champion accepts a trip. Simply confirm the Champion is on a bike matching the plate number displayed on the app.


How much does a ride cost?

From 0 -2 kilometers you will be charged at 100 NGN per kilometer, after two kilometers you will be charged at 65 NGN per kilometer.


How do i pay?

We have a flexible system that allows you pay with cash or via card transaction. You can input your card details in the payment section of the app or you can pay with cash at the end of your trip.


Do I have to register a card to my MAXGo account?

No, you don’t. It isn’t compulsory to enter your card details. The app works fine with or without your card details.


Is MAXGo available everywhere?

MAXGo is available in certain service areas for now (Lekki, Ikoyi, V.I & Yaba). We will, however, be rolling out new service areas within and outside Lagos as we go along.


How can i get in touch with the company for complaints or enquiries?

You can contact us at info@max.ng



How can i put a bike on your network?

MAXGo allows partners to put up bikes (200cc and above) on our network. These bikes must possess comprehensive insurance and must meet the specified criteria. To complete the partner form, click here.

Remember, to download MAXGo, visit www.max.ng/go

If you are still unclear about anything, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section.

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