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I’m screaming the name because it’s that deep!
I’m obsessed and they know it! You must’ve guessed it already; I am part of that IJGB crew.

First thing I did was to search for coffee shops once I started planning my trip back. I’m a junkie, addict and all the names you could possibly associate this excessive behavior with. Café neo was the first coffee shop I heard about in Lagos. So the first thing I did once I got back was to find it. Lucky for me, they have a location close to my home and the yoga studio I frequent. I’m an avid coffee drinker and I make it a thing to try almost every coffee shop/café wherever I’m at. Checked out their website before the visit and I found out that the coffee bean is sourced from Rwanda.
First thing I usually ask when I go to a coffee shop is what their milk substitution is, and I was happy to know Café Neo does offer a soy milk substitute, although it’s not a favorite of mine as I usually prefer almond milk. But it was good to know there’s something for the non-milk drinkers.

I’ve heard some people compare Café neo to Starbucks and some people have called Café Neo elitist but I actually do not agree with that conclusion. Starbucks is overpriced and I find Café neo’s pricing to be pretty decent. The difference in price between the medium and large size is N100. Café neo has created an environment for you to enjoy your cup of coffee as you relate to the people around you. You go there and you make a friend or two, especially if you’re the social type. The baristas are hilarious!!! They are actually an interesting bunch. I frequent the Agoro Odiyan location and it feels weird when I haven’t been there for two days. That’s how invested I am (lol).
Unfortunately, I can’t really say too much about their food offerings cause I’m vegetarian and there aren’t many options there. But I have tried the croissant there and it’s quite okay.

Suggestions from my end include:
Cup holders! — I can’t carry my hot coffee just like that especially when I’m rushing to hop into my Uber.
Trays for the cups — For those days I order more than one, maybe for me, maybe for my coworkers, but you get my drift. Delivery service! I would sit in my bed or at my workstation and order coffee from café neo. I can’t speak for the masses but from my end, it’ll be a constant thing. I did hear they are working towards the delivery thing so I’m patiently waiting.
Are you a coffee junkie like me? Are you unable to make it to your preferred coffee shop before work? MAX’s got you covered. We can deliver your coffee from some of our customers also like Wrapcity right to your door still warm and fresh!

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