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Once upon a time, people had to wait for days or even weeks to get their items delivered. To move from point A to B involved a lot of time and stress. Lagos traffic didn’t help matters, and transportation became as exceedingly difficult.

We are launching our #Championstoryseries where you meet and hear the story of the people making the difference at MAX. With thousands of Champions backed up with state of art technology, we at MAX are changing the narrative.

Meet Elijah, one of the Champions who has helped us made over 100,000 deliveries and covered 1,000,000 KM.

When asked why he joined MAX, he said ‘’I joined MAX because I believe in what they are doing, the way it is a technology company is something I really like. I feel I can contribute to the company if I work hard’’

Elijah acknowledges this responsibility and remarks on his experience in being part of a team.

“Everybody is a member of a team at MAX, nobody is alone, we look out for each other and we have regular meetings to discuss how we can improve ourselves.” he said.

‘’Where I worked before, I didn’t feel appreciated, the pay was alright but I didn’t feel like I was part of them. Since I joined MAX, I have been welcomed to the family. I get to interact with everyone including the CEO and I appreciate that’’ Elijah said.

With flawless, state of the art technology coupled with a team of highly trained Champions,

MAX is consistently winning the battle against poor logistics and transportation services. We are building a team of problem solvers and winners. There’s a reason we call them Champions.

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