The Best Moments From Our Unilag Awoof

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Just like you, we like free things too, and we took our love for Awoof to a whole new level by offering free rides within Unilag last week. We got to hang out with the ever exciting Unilag students and trust us to immortalize these moments with our ever ready experience team.



We also got to meet the Slayers who had no problem posing for the ‘gram with the MAXGo gear!




We also had our Champions on ground to pick up users and teach them some basic safety precautions.



All in all, we had a great time on campus and if you still haven’t downloaded MAXGo, visit today and get a taste of the MAXGo experience. You’ll also be getting a sign-up bonus as well as a referral bonus if you sign up with a referral code (ssshhh, don’t tell anyone, but  you can use our referral code: MAXGo, Thank us later!)

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Beating Lagos traffic and running small errands just got way easier and more fun too.  Follow our social media handle @maxdotng to get more freebies and exciting content.


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