7 Reasons Why MAXGo is Better Than Okada

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A common question being asked by most people is how MAXGo is different from regular commercial motorcycles which are popularly called OkadaOkadas are the most commonly used means of transportation in Lagos and some other cities in Nigeria. The Okada transportation system is however riddled with so many cons and this is exactly why MAXGo has come to save the day.

For those who might want to compare both services, one glance at the MAXGo motorcycles and you’ll see that the difference is clear (yes, we recognize the 7Up reference). However, if you still remain a curious Peter or a doubting Thomas, here are 7 ways MAXGo is different and better than Okada.

Fun fact: The name Okada was initially gotten from Okada Air which was a popular airline in times past. Okada, Edo state is also the hometown of the then owner of Okada Air.

Safety First

Some of the common concerns surrounding commercial motorcycles is the inherent lack of regard for common safety procedures (i.e refusal to use a helmet). MAXGo understands the importance of safety, that’s why each trip comes with a helmet for rider and passenger, complete with hand wipes and a hairnet for the slay queens (we don’t want you messing up your hair).

Cool right?

Cheaper Than Okada

Saving a few extra bucks on your commutes is a great way to manage your finances and MAXGo is offering a much cheaper alternative when compared to Okadas. Before launching this product we conducted a survey to estimate the costs of trips for both short and long distance commute and we noticed that most Okada riders actually charge between 95 – 120 Naira per kilometer. These prices are also largely inconsistent as no feasible market structure guides the Okada pricing system. MAXGo is offering 65 Naira per kilometer after your first two kilometers which is about 40% cheaper than Okada.

Sounds like a good deal to me!

Powerbikes Not Okada

Okadas are boring, Powerbikes are cool. MAXGo offers you the opportunity to request a 200cc power bike to get you around the city and help you beat traffic. From early testimonials, the MAXGo experience is an absolutely thrilling one, with users remarking on the awesome feeling of cruising around town in a power bike.

You Don’t Have to Leave Your Home to Get A Ride

Typically, getting a ride to help you run your errands involve walking to a bus stop or an improvised Okada spot where a bunch of local Okada riders convene and cluster the road. These walks can sometimes be herculean and often involve you having to navigate through hordes of bikes, many of which may not be going to your desired destination.  MAXGo is changing all these as you can conveniently book a ride from the comfort of your home while you wait and watch your rider arrive in real time. The rider is dedicated to you for the whole trip so you never have to worry about him/her looking for other passengers.



You Don’t Have To Worry About Your Change

Heck You Don’t Even Have To Worry About Cash

We’ve all been in that position, you arrive at your destination, then you and the Okada man gets into a ruckus because he doesn’t have change. You are then forced to buy something you wouldn’t usually buy just to get change, Hereby causing you to spend even more money than you budgeted. (Deep sigh!)

MAXGo has recognized this recurring trend and has created a completely cash-free system. You don’t have to worry about losing your change and you don’t have to worry about cash. Just add your card details and enjoy your trips without hassles.

Champions Not Riders

A key reason we started MAXGo was to create a first class service tailored to addressing a real problem in Nigeria. We recognize the need for an on-demand motorcycle transportation service and we also understand the need for professionally trained riders to transport our passengers. We have taken the pains to train all our champions in adhering to the best behavioral and safety practices and we do not outsource our services to external riders. All champions are trained in-house and are monitored to make sure they always bring their A-game and are constantly on their best behavior.

With MAXGo you are not just getting bike riders, you are getting CHAMPIONS.

Real-time Monitoring

You don’t even have to know the roads to your destination, all you have to know is your destination and MAXGo takes it from there. With real-time monitoring,  you don’t have to ask any stranger (or worse, an Okada man)  for directions. You get to watch yourself trip around town in real time and your loved ones (and paranoid loved ones) can watch your trips around the city so they never have to worry.

You really have nothing to lose with MAXGo. You get a better, more reliable and convenient transportation service which is cheaper than the common alternative. So what are you waiting for download MAXGo today –> Here


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