Testimony Time! MAXGo Time!

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Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to share our awesome stories and experiences with MAXGo. With just over two weeks since launch day, we’ve been treated to a couple of opinions from early users of the app.

Let’s here it from our first testifier.

Meet Rochelle, she went from Ozone cinemas to Ikoyi and back, all under 30 minutes. Here’s what she had to say.

So my first ride with MAXGo was unbelievable, my rider was awesome, he was always checking if i was ok, the most beautiful part was the fact that it was fast and thrilling –Rochelle (@Blarkkoffe)

Next up we have Bond, yes you heard right, Bond, not James Bond but Akinmade Bond.

He took a trip from Lekki to Obalande and here’s what he had to say.

When he handed me the helmet and started the ride, I put my phone away and assumed he had started the trip. I got to Obalende in record time, The ride was safe and he was really careful. Only hitch was the stepper was kinda high for me, considering I’m tall, so I had to hold on but not really a show stopper.

All in all it was a great ride and a unique experience – Bond(@Lovebondz)

We also have Gloria. Gloria took a trip from Sabo Yaba to Unilag and though she had her reservations, after the ride she had this to say.

I was skeptical about using MAXGo at first. I had different negative feelings in mind. I was scared of the speed and all. I would recommend MAXGo to friends. I had a wonderful experience. MAXGo is really different from okada and it is quite safe. I am happy I tried MAXGo – Gloria

Naturally, some people were initially skeptical about the service, However Gbemi had a different opinion of MAXGo, let’s hear it from her.

So I wasn’t skeptical about MAXGo because I take bikes a whole lot. it was just as I expected it to be, fast, safe and comfortable and the safety provisions are what I like most about the service. I would totally recommend MAXGo to all my family members and friends. The only thing is that if there could be a provision for communication between rider and passenger, it’d be great because the helmets kinda block out the hearing of both. Thank you very much. Altogether, it was a fly experience – Gbemi(@gbemi_akinlade)

On Launch day we also had Hope who had this to say about the service:

My ride on MAXGo was super exciting, the rider was careful and also time efficient, and the fact that i was a centre of attraction for the short time i was on the bike, made me feel super fly. I felt like taking a ride again – Hope(@thecassolegacy)

One of our more interesting stories is from Aanu who took a ride from V.I to Ogba. He even joked with the rider that he must have zoomed the past over a thousand cars in traffic during his trip.

The MAXGo ride was great. A great way to beat the Lagos traffic. The prompt arrival of the courteous Champion,the cautious ride too.This is a novel project to empower many,via technology – Aanu(@agboolaaanuoluwapo)

Finally, we have Dipo, from who is a 300 level student of Computer Science in Unilag. He took MAXGo power bike for a trip around Yaba and this was his experience.

I tried maxgo on Saturday and it was an awesome experience,very awesome. Am really happy we can actually beat traffic in Lagos. Will love to ride with MAXGo again you should try it – Dipo(@nipplesdjango)

MAXGo is meeting people’s needs in ways many might have thought impossible. From the casual student on campus like Gloria to the working class man like Aanu, MAXGo is cutting across demographics to deliver a unique and effective way of commuting around Lagos.

We would love to hear your stories and if you haven’t used the service yet, visit max.ng/go.

Remember to follow us @maxdotng and share your MAXGo experience.

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